If you are looking for a reliable way to find out more about submitting URLs to websites, you finally do not have to worry any longer, because you may have just stumbled upon it! In today’s article, I will try to demystify everything there is to know about submitting URLs to websites, and how you can make your life easier by learning more about this process. Also, even though it may sound mind-boggling, it is simple as it can get and I promise, you will soak up the knowledge in no time! Are you ready? Let’s begin!

How Can I Submit My Site to Search Engines?

This question I get most of the time. When people hear I know about stuff URLs, they are eager to learn more about it as well; this is precisely why I have decided to write this article and cut the story short. Honestly, I cannot recommend enough manually submitting the website to search engine. Of course, this cannot help you with your ranking, and you must use a different tool for ranking, however, you will share new information, and this is the best way to do just that.

Whom Do I Submit It To?

Good question! The one I get way too often as well. First of all, the site which you want to submit your page to is most commonly Google, but you can also submit it to Yahoo! or Bing. The search engine will often require manual submission and why is that so? Well, the reason behind it is that it is commonly the best practice to protect them from excessive spam.

Do I Just Send Out To One?

No! You would want to submit your site’s pages to every one of aforementioned search engines: Bing, Google, and Yahoo! This will allow you the best results. Also, some of these search engines have less traffic due to having fewer users.

This is not a problem because your page will be out there and it is important to get yourself out there, isn’t it? You can always retry if you think the results are not as satisfying as you had hoped.

Why Do URLs Create Such A Commotion?

Since, as you can see this is pretty much easy, you have got to ask yourself why do so many people panic about it and think it is impossible. Well, truth be told, it is not something everyone has a vast experience with and this is what makes it unknown. As you probably know when something is unknown to you, you tend to mystify it, precisely because you do not understand what it is all about. Hopefully, I have managed to demystify this huge problem for you, and I would also invite you to share your thoughts and opinions with other users on this site and perhaps talk about some of your discoveries or problems you have had. I would like if you would share your experience with other users in the comment section on this page. Thank you!