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This site is devoted to all you need to know to handle your search engine submission service needs. What is search engine submission, what industry is it part of, how to do it yourself, what to look for when using a submission provider and more.

We've kept it to a minimum, no extra details, just all you need to know and that's it. It is important to get listed or make sure you're already listed as soon as possible so you can move on to focusing on search engine optimization instead.

It is also important to understand this area because it is often dismissed by SEOs because it isn't their job to get you listed, just get you ranked as high as possible once you are. They may see it as a mundane and simple task and for those comfortable with the internet, programming and search engines it is fairly simple.

But not everyone owns the same business and for most they already have enough on their plate to learn, figure out, manage and deal with making an area familiar to some a pain to others. And that's how it is for everyone, the things they are most familiar with are simple for them and they judge those who need help with it. But we don't do things that way and have tried to make the information as simple as possible.

What is natural to us may not be to you just like whatever your specialty is may not be our strong suit. If you have any questions, comments or recommendations scroll down to the footer, click on the link, head over to the contact page and let us know through our parent company's contact section.

Thanks and we wish you all the best with your search engine promotional aspirations.